Saturday, May 7, 2011

Writing...and being a foodie...

My cookbook is progressing nicely and I am accumulating a nice collection of my own recipes. I came up with a delicious cilantro and walnut pesto with orange zest that I really love. I love to cook. I truly do. I feel passionate about it even if my current kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. I was not intended to cook on an electric stove. Period.

Yesterday, my editor sent me an assignment in which I was to write an ad campaign about bacon scented perfume.

That's right.

Bacon scented perfume.

Being a vegetarian for more than 30 years, I found this a difficult task, but I somehow managed to pull it off...and without saying how disgusting bacon is to me.

There are times when I am assigned truly bizarre writing tasks that have nothing, whatsoever, to do with who I am and what I wish to write about...but there I go...writing away...because that is what I get paid to do. In a given day, I might receive 20 assignments to finish before the month's end. For example, yesterday, I received an order for 2 articles about software..POS software and ERP integration.blah blah blah ......Then, there is the men's clothing store in England, where I have to switch to British English...substituting "S" for "Z" in many cases. Then, I have to write about an employment recruiting agency and so forth...and this is for just one editor. There are others. I also write for a university in India....for the coffee industry and for the tourist bureau of the group of small islands where Wills and the new bride just spent their honeymoon.

When I have "free time, I get back to work on my book. It is good. It is written well. I am proud of it...but while I'm writing it, I have to write ad campaigns and web content and press releases and magazine articles, and I find it difficult to switch back and forth, settling into one mindset, then going into another.

Meanwhile....I have been neglecting my food blog on another server....that quest to collect my cooking experiments into some cohesive form that I can eventually publish as a cookbook. I was asked to write for a vegetarian food blog last week, but I turned the offer down. I simply have (Are you ready for it?) too much on my plate right now. However, I do love to write about food. Why? Because I love food. Yes, I am a foodie, of the vegetarian variety. I love simple, slow-cooked foods, always organic, always full-flavored with herbs and citrus juice and fresh goodness that comes from the garden.

When we lived in Massachusetts, John and I put in a beautiful fruit and vegetable garden (and I also had gorgeous flowers spilling out of the window box and around the mail box pole and along the sidewalk...)... but here? Not so much. We only have a very small side yard with a patio and very little space in which to plant things, but we are making it nice.

Last year, John and I put in a lovely Zen garden on one side of the patio, and this year, we plan to build a nice eating platform on the other side . There is a huge hedge and a fig tree straight ahead of the doorway, and I've planted raspberries and lavender here and there...but no real garden, to speak of. I plan to plant vegetables in pots, and I've procured those hanging contraptions for tomatoes and strawberries...but you know? I live within walking distance of an organic market where I can get the most amazing fruits and veggies one could ever hope to find. In Massachusetts, we bought into a farm share and would pick our own vegetables, fruits and flowers...but here? I am happy with that single, perfect heirloom tomato, that perfect garnet yam, that mouth watering plum....Whether grown in my own garden or by some organic farmer, I love 'em.... just so long as John is here beside me to share.