Friday, March 30, 2012


So many huge plans are on the horizon. Hard to believe time is passing so quickly ! Foreign countries, business, pleasure, leisure....all of these things come into play as get closer to the big pay off. I am thrilled and excited that things are going so well and I look forward to this summer's adventures....especially one that will occur toward the end of of which I cannot speak or write.....THIS event is something I'm *really* looking forward to! Meanwhile, the 'ol ball will start rolling later next month, when I teach a class in Friday Harbor. What a beautiful and romantic place! Can't wait to go there....and to these other places that I plan to visit.

Jr. was originally going to assist me during the class in Friday Harbor, but she is swamped with her school work, so John is going to go. We will make a romantic weekend of it, and I do look forward to this. I think it will be great fun, and I really want John to do something relaxing. I am so worried about his health. I try to take good care of him. I only wish he would try as hard to take care of himself. I cannot imagine my life without him, yet I feel his demise creeping ever so closely. It shakes me to the core and I rail against it. I am not prepared! His heart is not strong. HE is strong, however, and that is good.

I recently gave up my studio because it was not efficient for me to continue to rent it. It was simply too far from home for me to utilize as I should. I need to find one closer to home, or better yet, convert my garage into a studio since, often, I awaken in the middle of the night and feel the urge to make art. That is when I make my best art.

More beckons.

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